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STUDIO O Use your Superpower Unisex T-Shirt

Size Guide Lambda BB e.V.
    • fair and ecological production
    • 100% vegan
    • supports a social project
    • 100% organic Cotton

    This is a unisex model with a body fit for men. Therefore, we recommend men to pick a larger size if you want a loose fit. For women, we suggest the regular size to get a loose fit. For additional information about our sizes, please visit our size guide.

    There's more to each of us than we sometimes think. We all have something that makes us unique. That makes us special. In our society, many people who are supposedly different experience exclusion time and again. Especially for children this exclusion is hardly comprehensible. It hurts and results in people who, even as adults, do not dare to stand up for themselves. Together with STUDIO O we want to draw attention to this topic. Therefore, at Pride 2020 a VOGUING Ball in favour of Lambda BB e.V. will take place. VOGUING was developed in the 1970s in New York, where many homosexuals and transgender people sought refuge after being rejected by their families for their own identity. Especially people with darker skin colour had hardly any perspectives at that time and lived on the streets. To counteract this fate, many of them gathered in so-called houses. From this, newly composed families developed, in which responsibility for each other was taken over. Balls (BALLROOM) were the place to escape from one's own reality and create a world that seemed unreachable for many. BALLROOM is thus a safe space, created out of underground splendour for sexually fluid and transsexual individuals with predominantly dark skin. Just like the associated collection, BALLROOM is all about strengthening your own abilities. No one should have to hide for their own identity. On the contrary. Pride is every day. As always you can find more information on our related product pages of STUDIO O and Lambda BB e.V.

Check out the project: Studio O x Lambda BB

White_Holofolie doppelt
White_Holofolie doppelt