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Lambda Bund B*tch Please Postcard

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  • Who actually decides who may love whom? Who decides, who is allowed to be how? Who does it actually hurt when two people of the same sex kiss, or when someone neither feels like a woman nor a man? Most of us cannot imagine how it must feel to wake up in the wrong body every day and/or to live a life in which we not only don't fit in, but which makes us think about not wanting to live anymore. In every species, there are homosexual couples. Sometimes just for a single night. Sometimes for a whole life. We should all be allowed to decide for ourselves who we are or who we want to be. During puberty, we all struggle with our own identity. We try to find ourselves and somehow imagine who we want to be at some point. With its queer youth centers and youth work, the LAMBDA federation offers a service, which is designed to help queer young people. For self-determined and strong characters. For much more love for all of us.

Check out the project: Lambda Bund