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Endometriosis Association Germany Kämpferin Postcard

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  • One does not speak about the period. At least not in public. Not with people who are not menstruating. That is what most of us have learned. We have been taught a charm that makes many women avoid even their faucet doctor when they bleed. The period is a part of our cycle. Without the female cycle, we wouldn't exist in this world. It is time that we stop stigmatizing our periods! Every 10th woman suffers from severe pain during her period. Every 10th woman has endometriosis. But only very few of them know about it. Many people silently accept suffering from strong pain. However, pain during your period is anything but normal. That is why we support the Endometriosis Association Germany in providing more information about the disease. Check out the project on our project page. By the way: Every support helps. If you like the project, you can also visit the Endometriosis Association directly on their website and find out what great opportunities you have to support the project.

Check out the project: Endometriosis Association Germany e.V.