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Aniahimsa Growing Flowers Broad Top

Size Guide Aniahimsa x OroVerde
    • fair and ecological production
    • 100% vegan
    • supports a social project
    • 100% organic Cotton

    Loose fit: For a slimmer fit, pick a smaller size. For additional information about our sizes, please visit our size guide

    Ideally, we would like to just put a glass roof over our rainforests to protect the sensitive plants and animal habitats. Since this isn't possible, we need to rethink nature conservation. How can we protect these biotopes while keeping economic trends like tourism in mind? OroVerde is currently working on a project in Indonesia that focuses precisely on combining these two. Anina from Aniahimsa was thrilled when we told her about this project because she loves Indonesia and uses her blog to advocate to make the world a little bit greener. We are proud of teaming up with Anina to create this collection to raise awareness for OroVerde.

Check out the project: Aniahimsa x OroVerde

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Candy Pink_Black