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Amadeu Antonio Foundation Zeit für Veränderung Postcard

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  • A report we read recently stated, that we will probably have equal rights for men and women in 2053. The average age of EMERALD BERLIN is mid-30's. Conversely, this means that as long as we work, we will not experience equality. We cannot and will not simply accept this. That's why the topic of feminism is particularly close to our hearts. And no, we are not all female. Because feminism concerns all of us. We are happy to have the Amadeu Antonio Foundation with us in our wonderful project. Be sure to check out the project page on the topic of feminism. By the way: Every support helps. If you like the project, please feel free to drop by the website of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation to find out what great opportunities you have to support the project.

Check out the project: Amadeu Antonio Foundation