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Amadeu Antonio Foundation Owe you shit Postcard

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  • As a woman, you should do this, as a woman you must do that to please a man. Men like it better when you are like this. But not too much. Just a little bit, because otherwise you'll be like that again. Or like this. Or differently. In any case not right. You want to be equal as a woman? Then you have to be like that too. And in any case, you have to be like that too. Don't forget to say thank you, if I don't treat you badly and please tell everyone that I am for equality. Because, how boring would it be, if I could not at least feel good about it. Sometimes people forget that equality has the word EQUAL in it. No one owes someone something for being treated equally. And this is exactly what we want to make clear once again. Feminism concerns us all. Because only together can we achieve more. At eye level. Feminism does not mean "women are better than men". It means that we are all on the same level. Amazing, isn't it? We are happy that we have the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in our wonderful project. Be sure to check out the project page on feminism. By the way: Every support helps. If you like the project, then please feel free to visit the Amadeu Antonio Foundation on their website and find out about the great opportunities you have to support the project.

Check out the project: Amadeu Antonio Foundation