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Amadeu Antonio Foundation Fabulous Postcard

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  • We are perfect just the way we are. Whether with short or long legs, much or little breast, a tummy or a curvy ass. Children learn from us. When they see how we sometimes force ourselves from diet to another one or are constantly trying to look "advantageous", how can they ever make it better and get rid of this self-hatred that often emerges over the years. Very few people have a "perfect body". We all have something that we do not like about ourselves. And we do not have to love everything about ourselves. Accepting is enough. And no. We do not say that you should never change anything about yourself if you are dissatisfied. Quite the opposite. But maybe this will work with more self-love. This card supports the feminism project of the Amadeu-Antonio Foundation.

Check out the project: Amadeu Antonio Foundation