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Amadeu Antonio Foundation Change is coming Postcard

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  • Girls like pink. Girls run like girls. Girls should only do jobs that are made for girls. Girls are either too permissive or too prudish. Girls are either too reserved or too loud. Girls are bitchy when they are on their period, which is pointed out at every opportunity. Girls are not allowed to talk about bleeding. Girls are sensitive. Hypersensitive. Girls are asked where they have heard that when they talk about politics or economics. Girls do not understand humor. Girls are tired of it. Girls are tired of being called girls when they have already grown up. Women are tired of having to stand up for equal rights every day and still too often not experiencing them. Women are tired of being insulted and hearing sexist slogans on the street without anyone saying anything. Are all feminists female? No. Feminism concerns us all. Because together we can achieve so much more. We are very pleased to be able to support the daily work of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which is dedicated to the equality of everyone.

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