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About Us



Who are we?

We are a team. We are experts in awareness. And we are fashion-lovers determined to make a change. By combining sustainable fashion with international charity-projects we give a voice to NGOs around the world and communicate their message in a whole new way. But there is more: EMERALD BERLIN keeps you constantly up to date on social projects and current issues thereby educating and inspiring our customers and readers to become part of the change we all want to see. Talking about a win-win-situation for everyone. Because what we love most is when a good message turns into action. That's why we founded EMERALD BERLIN.

To our products

What's the big idea?

Boosting awareness and amplifying the voice of international charity-organisations through the power of fashion is what we set out to do. Today EMERALD BERLIN is not only a partner for creative marketing campaigns and social media content, but we provide a social platform for people to stay informed, read about charity-work and get the latest info on social issues. With our creative marketing-concepts for NGOs we invite our customers to get educated, get involved, support social projects and talk about it on
social-media. We call it impact fashion because we create conversations, connections, consciousness.

How does it work?

Transforming charity-projects into conscious fashion is a game changer for everyone involved. It means new publicity for the good cause turning fashion-lovers into messengers for the project of their choice. By working closely with NGOs, building lasting relationships to the people behind it and telling their story we grasp the essence of their work. No matter what the issue – protecting the rainforest, fighting cancer, pushing for gender-equality or supporting political education – we go right to the heart of things and beyond. Constantly evolving, looking for new ways to support social engagement and create awareness, that’s what we are all about.  

What's your part?

Easy. Just by making your choice and wearing your favourite shirt or hoodie you have already become an active supporter of a good cause. Whether you choose a specific project first and then browse the items of this very collection or do it the other way around – selecting your favourite design or statement – it’s all up to you! Whether you want to help BOS save the last Orangutans, support the Benita-Quadflieg-Foundation in helping children grow up or tell the tale of the African start-up Plastic 4 good – the choice is yours. But what happens next? Now you have become a real ambassador for change. And time and time again people will ask you about your new shirt or dress: tell your friends and loved ones what the project is all about, why of all the collections available you chose this, what inspired you most – tell your own story!

What is it good for?

Yes, we make nice fashion-collections, and yes, we love it. But what we really do goes deeper than that. We change the way of storytelling. Talking about good causes and positive projects is such a wonderful thing. But it is not always easy, obviously, since many issues we are dealing with today – be they political, environmental or social – are complex and difficult to comprehend. That is why the storytelling of NGO’s deserved an update. Bringing the world’s best projects closer to You, making them more relatable, more visible, more accessible through social media by focussing on facts and fun, that’s what changes public relations for charities as we know it.

How did Emerald’s cooperation with these selected NGOs begin?

At the beginning I just thought about topics I would be interested in so I went to a donation platform and just checked out different topics and then I reached out to them to send a little presentation about what I wanted to do and most of them answered positively. Then during the process, the things changed a little so, currently, sometimes NGOs reach out to us, sometimes we reach out to them when we think we have something really interesting. When we have cooperations with influencers and people who want to do something special and usually they have a topic they want to support and then we’re looking for a matching NGOs and just ask them if they want to work with us.

What's so special?

As a young social start-up and a team of marketing-professionals we always stay curious and up to date, think outside the box, developing new ways and methods to create the publicity charities around the world need. Now the world of marketing has changed so fast in recent years. New formats, new channels, new technologies – everything needs to be considered. That’s why our campaigns and strategies are built with the latest know-how and aspire to always be one step ahead. Understanding comes first – we dig deep, we do extensive research on the organisations, their projects, their methods, get in contact and ask questions until we finally come up with the perfect statement-collection. Really understanding the values and procedures of our partnering NGO’s – that’s the basis of our work. That’s how we make the NGO’s projects shine. Transforming their values into
statements on our clothing lines is what makes them visible and effective on social media. Are you ready to go the next step with us?

Why so conscious?

Fair fashion is great and all, it helps protect the environment, create safe labour
conditions, minimise waste production and it boosts the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. That’s awesome. We love that. That’s why EMERALD BERLIN is going for 100% fair-trade and high-quality, organic materials on all our sustainable collections. But we want more than that. Our clothing lines meet the highest standards because we want them to meet the quality and value of our charity-projects. We call this sustainability 2.0 – conscious fashion x charity-work = happiness².

What we got?

We deal in basics. We love classics. We want our collections to be timeless and
minimalistic because thinking long-term to us means keeping it simple. Choose your shirt, hoodie, sweater, bracelet, dress or cosmetic bag in our online shop. Order your favourite piece and look at our quality. You’ll find it to be top notch. After washing our garments for a few dozen times you’re in for no surprise. Our clothes last. Promise.

Who are we working with?

There are new kids on the block. And they change the way we spread and receive
information. They are like us, that’s why we trust them. And they use their influence, their reach and audience for good causes. That’s why EMERALD BERLIN is partnering with a host of wonderful influencers and content-creators on social-media that help us get the word out. For each of our collections we had the pleasure to be able to team up with highly engaged individuals – and from working together for the sake of charity-projects developed solid and lasting friendships. That’s what makes us so happy – you do something good and it all comes back to you.. 

Our motto: