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Who we are

Did you know that today there are only half as many donors as in 2005? The reason behind this is that fewer and fewer young people are following up, which is why we see ourselves as bridge builders. We want real change, and we want to be an inspiration for people to stand up for it.

That's why we work together with influencers from a wide range of sectors to create sustainable fashion, in cooperation with international social projects. Through our work, we give NGOs from all over the world a voice. And we create new connections. Our goal: Everyone who learns about us should take a favourite project with them that they would like to support in the long term – far beyond the purchase of one of our products.

As a young, social startup and as a team of marketing experts, we generate the attention charities need. The world of marketing has changed rapidly recently. That is why we aim to always be one step ahead. We want to really understand the values and working methods of our partner NGOs, so we research every detail of the projects and their methods, make personal contact and ask the important questions to create the perfect statement collection. Making the projects of these NGOs shine, transforming their values into statements on our garments – this is what makes them visible and effective. Our motto: Wear a better message!

The idea behind it