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Project: Starkstromhippie x TAKE ACTION

What is the project about?


Our sponsorship programme TAKE ACTION especially supports young women and mothers who want to do vocational training, because women in Uganda are still facing inequality when it comes to education. Since we founded TAKE ACTION in August 2018, we were able to support 40 students out of which 30 students are girls! However, especially our girls still have difficulties attending their classes. In Uganda - like in many other developing countries - girls have huge problems during their period because sanitary products are not affordable and sanitary facilities are rare at schools. We learnt, that our girls are missing classes for over one week a month when they have their period.


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Offering a solution

We started our new “Sanitary Pad Project“, which aims at producing reusable sanitary pads together with our tailoring trainees at our partner school BUYOPA-BVC in a first step. In a second step, we offer sanitary and hygiene workshops where the girls get trained on how to use the sanitary pads. This way the girls will be able to manage their period and can attend classes during that time. This is one more step on the way to gender equality. In our networks, we want to continue to ensure, with the help of Astrid of Starkstromhippie, that the topic "period" finds its way away from taboo topics. From this point of view, Astrid does not consider the period to be a taboo subject at all. She regularly talks about menstruation and menstrual problems in order to reduce her fear of contact and to destigmatise the subject.

"Unbelievable that we still feel so much shame and bareness when we talk about periods.Together with TAKE ACTION I want to change that!"

- Astrid, Starkstromhippie

Make a change!

The project is also meant to empower girls and women to produce their own reusable sanitary pads. Our tailoring students will be able to easily sow sanitary pads. And who knows, this could be the beginning of a future business model. Our part in the Sanitary Pad Project will be to provide the financial means for the materials needed to produce enough reusable pads for every female student at BUYOPA-BVC. TAKE ACTION and make a change for girls’ education! We are grateful for any support!

Find out more about the project here.

"Because period is the end of a sentence. It should not be the end of a girl‘s education!"

- Astrid, Starkstromhippie

How you can support the project

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