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Project: Silbernetz

What is the project about?

When the circle of friends that have accompanied them through life gets smaller, children go their own ways, relatives and spouses, friends, acquaintances and former colleagues pass away, many people are left alone. If then, on top of it, their health is deteriorating, leaving the own apartment gets more and more difficult and they isolate themselves.

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Nearly two million people in Germany who are over 80, live alone. And it will get worse in future. Out of this reason, Elke Schilling, the initiator of the Silbernetz organization, has launched the Helpline for elderly people. At the same time, Silbernetz enables older lonely or isolated people to talk and get in touch again. To do so they can either call the Helpline number themselves or they can also request to be called regularly by Silbernetz volunteers once a week.

Many old people live on their own. However the majority of them did not choose to do so.

These conversations help establish social contacts and educate elderly people about the various services the agency offers if they require assistance. The aim is to close gaps between local and regional services for older people and those who do not have access to them. Silbernetz sees itself as the fundamental prevention against serious health, social and economic consequences as a result of loneliness and isolation of older people.

More about the project:

Silbernetz connects generations and cultures.

How you can support the project

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