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Project: Nandini

What is the project about?

NANDINI is Indian and means: bringing joy. The name says it all, NANDINI's goal is to promote social commitment in society with the help of modern digital media by drawing attention to social and charitable institutions and generating donations. The first NANDINI Charity project was the non-profit organization DKMS LIFE and its wonderful 'look good feel better' patient program for cancer patients. For Natalie Nothstein, founder of NANDINI, the support of every project is an absolute matter of the heart. Happy to introduce you to our NANDINI x EMERALD Collection. Have fun discovering.

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Worldwide there are many very important projects that are realized by people who follow their passion and whose work has a positive influence on the lives of people, animals and the environment. Often these wonderful projects lack the reach to tell as many people as possible about their work and to find long-term support for their work. NANDINI enables well-known personalities of social media to support an organization of their choice as a heart project by not only helping directly and collecting donations, but also telling others about it. In this way, the projects receive more permanent attention and now even more people can get to know the exemplary work of the organizations behind them.

"With NANDINI we want to motivate as many people as possible to help others!"

When Natalie Nothstein founded NANDINI, she had two main goals: to bring more humanity to the population and to promote cohesion in our society. She uses the reach of digital media and wants to eliminate the cliché of the superficiality of influencers. The Social Media Stars show their community how simple and effective social commitment can be and activate it to social action. We are sure that this innovative concept will have a lot of positive effects.

More about the project: www.nandini.international

“It is an amazing feeling for me that the NANDINI Ambassadors use their reach for a good cause and that we can help together where it is needed.”

How you can support the project

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