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What is the project about?

The Cerbatana mountain cloud forests of the Paria peninsula is home to a unique diversity: 60 different bird species alone, including numerous dazzling hummingbirds, live in the enchanted, fog-covered mountain forests. The forest also plays an important role in supplying water to around 40,000 people. EMERALD BERLIN helps OroVerde to preserve this treasure of biodiversity. Be there and set a sign for rainforest protection with your shirt! Be a plant person!

Venezuela has been in a crisis for many months. For the people, the daily supply of food and medicines is a great challenge. There are frequent protests and demonstrations. All the more reason for us to be pleased that the people continue to work for the preservation of the precious rainforest: The trees that we have planted in recent years will continue to be cared for so that they grow and dense forest will develop within a few years. The environmental education centre will also continue to be used and the people in the communities will regularly start small rainforest protection measures and plantations. This commitment in such difficult times is simply unbelievable and moves us very much. 

Despite the severe crisis:
The commitment to the
mountain cloud forest is high!

And the work goes on…  Although the local conditions are not easy, we are planning further measures with our local partners. These include, for example, an excursion to the top of the Cerbatana to collect further data on biodiversity and the condition of the forest. There will continue to be training and workshops in the communities, e.g. on forest fire prevention. And by popular request, the community cinema events will be continued. The cinema evenings with various documentaries on the biodiversity of the region and other environmental topics are very popular in the villages. Afterwards, there are always lively discussions and some environmental protection actions such as garbage collection actions have already been decided on such evenings in the communities. 

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