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Project: Politik zum Anfassen

What is the project about?

We make you want democracy! With games, films, surveys, participatory exhibitions and much more, we let young people participate in the development of their cities, their local politics and other exciting topics. In short: We combine political education with youth participation that is fun and effective!

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What's so special about us? Together with regional and national project partners, we offer various opportunities to actively experience and practically learn democracy from primary school age on. It is important to us that the fun is not neglected and that real success can be achieved, e.g. at the local level.

"I enjoyed seeing how much heart and soul the proposals were made with and then defended."

- Eva Luder, City Councillor Heilbronn

Political education is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy. Only if we raise awareness of how important different forms of participation are and that each and every one of us can play an active part in shaping it, we will be able to protect democracy in the long term.

More about the project:

"Pimp Your Town!" makes a wonderful contribution to strengthening our democracy."

- Jörg Rotter, first councilman Rödermark

How you can support the project

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