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Project: Stiftung Valentina

What is the project about?

Do you still remember the way you felt when you were a child? Did you also like it best to be where you had a sense of belonging and home? With your family? This is probably what most children feel like – especially those who are going through particularly hard times. Children who are severely or terminally ill spend most of their remaining time of life in hospitals – often far away from their home. Their greatest wish is quite simple: For everything to be normal. This is a difficult time both for the children and for their families. „Stiftung Valentina“ have made it their mission to provide these children with the necessary medical support so that they can spend their last days at home with their families, free of pain.

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Stiftung Valentina was founded by a family whose youngest daughter and sister Valentina was diagnosed with a highly aggressive bone tumour at the age of only 12 years. The year they had left together was characterised by a lot of positivity, appreciation of life and a strong fighting spirit. But Valentina also had to spend a lot of time in hospital. In the end, she had to die there at the age of only 13 years because it was the only place where she could receive the intensive medical treatment she needed to be free of pain. Valentina’s family decided to carry on Valentina’s spirit and make things better for other severely and terminally ill children in her name. This is why Stiftung Valentina aims to provide severely and terminally ill children with the highest possible quality of life at the end of their lives.

When children are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, everything suddenly turns topsy-turvy.

Stiftung Valentina helps to bring the whole expertise of the university hospital Ulm to the homes of severely and terminally ill children in seven rural districts, as it would otherwise take them up to 1.5 hours to drive to the hospital. Like this, the children can spend the last time of their already far too short lives receiving intensive medical treatment in their familiar environment, surrounded by their families and loved ones – because this is where they belong and feel safe. Together with Stiftung Valentina, EMERALD BERLIN lights a beacon of love for severely and terminally ill children. Do you want to be part of this movement that shows terminally ill children that they are not alone and that a strong community has their back and stands by them?

More about the project:

Valentina’s favourite days were “normal” days at home when she was free of pain and surrounded by her family.

How you can support the project

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