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Project: LebensHeldin!

What is the project about?


Every year about 70,000 women in German get the diagnosis of breast cancer. For many, the diagnosis comes unforeseen and brings with it fear and despair. These often persist even after successful therapy. LebensHeldin! is a non-profit initiative financed by donations that address women after breast cancer therapy as it is especially important not to leave these women alone now, but to support them to get back into life so mental wounds can heal."


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Creating new ways of thinking about healing

LebensHeldin! (Heroine of life) is a unique support program that combines curated knowledge and modern life support on one platform for the first time. The focus is on beauty, joie de vivre, self-esteem and a new way of thinking about healing. Through a contemporary offer of prevention, therapy and healing support and health maintenance, a better way of dealing with the diagnosis is learned, a positive attitude to life is found and joie de vivre is regained.

"For me, the weekend with LebensHeldin e.V. was a great gift."

- Marlit M.

All women deserve to say YES to life!

We of LebensHeldin! are all affected: As a woman, mother, daughter, friend and colleague. As a man, father, son, and friend. We experienced the fear, helplessness and speechlessness ourselves. Searched for answers and found none. For us, LebensHeldin! is more than a heart project. It is our task in life. We would like to contribute to making families with breast cancer diagnosis happier. This motivates us every day anew and is the driving force behind our work and our vision for the future. Become part of our LebensHeldin! community (life-heroine community).
Together we can sustainably establish a new health culture.

More about the project:

How you can support the project

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