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Project: BOS - Borneo Orangutan Survival

What is the project about?

Climbing, playing, doing mischief - this is the ideal childhood of an orangutan baby. In Borneo's rainforests, however, many small apes have lost their mothers. These were killed before their eyes, dying in forest fires or clearings. Their last chance: The baby house of BOS in Indonesian Nyaru Menteng. EMERALD BERLIN supports the maintenance of this house. Make a statement with your shirt as well, for the survival of the last orangutans.


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BOS in Nyaru Menteng

In early 2018, an international study shocked the world. In just 15 years, the orangutan population in Borneo fell by a total of 148,500. Only 54,000 are still to exist. And the researchers are predicting a dark future for our red-haired relatives: By 2050, another 50,000 animals could have disappeared. Poaching and the destruction of their habitat are the main causes of orangutans dying. In the fight for the rainforest and for the protection of their offspring, especially the adult apes are killed. Her helpless babies and kittens are left behind. Without our help, they have no chance of survival.

"The survival of the orangutans is very closely linked to our own destiny..."

A home for orangutan babies

Nyaru Menteng 's Baby House offers rescued orangutan orphans the chance of an independent life. Here both healthy and sick little apes are optimally cared for by babysitters and doctors. A private infirmary, playgrounds, bedrooms and even a private forest nursery are available to the youngest. Their caregivers take care of the often severely traumatized monkey children around the clock. Our ultimate goal: to give the orphaned babies the protection, the love and education, in order to be able to live in the wild again in some years. The baby house of Nyaru Menteng forms the foundation for this.

More about the project:

How you can support the project

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