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What is the project about?

To make cinema experiences possible for people with hearing or visual impairments, by producing barrier-free movies.

For people who can experience cinema either exclusively with their ears or their eyes, this world usually remains a barrier. Unfortunately, barrier-free movie versions are not available for all productions. Especially not for foreign films. Since 2014, German film productions in Germany, which almost always receive public German subsidies, have had to provide a so-called barrier-free version. However, distributors purchased many movies from abroad. This rule does not apply here. More than half of all movies shown in cinemas are not barrier-free.

We lovingly call our barrier-free movie versions “Marie”. “Marie” enables movie enthusiasts with visual or hearing impairments to enjoy watching films at the movie theatres.

We produce audio descriptions and extended subtitles for international art-house movies for German-speaking countries. We finance our work exclusively through donations and sponsorship money. To make cinema accessible to the blind and hearing impaired, acoustic picture descriptions are supplemented with additional information as well as extended subtitles, which describe movie music and noises, for example.

"The cinema is a window to the world!"
Barbara Flickert