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Project: Amadeu Antonio Foundation - Feminism

What is the project about?


Feminism affects everyone, not just women. It is about equality. Equality in everyday life, at work, in interpersonal relationships ... everywhere. A lot has happened in Germany in recent years. But that's far from enough. This is why the Amadeu Antonio Foundation is committed to gender equality in all areas.


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Headwinds against equality

However, the idea of ​​a society in which all genders have equal rights is also facing headwinds. These views lead to social, political, religious, and academic, often right-wing populist currents. They convey traditional role models that are determined by biological gender and cannot be changed. In addition to that, sexual diversity apart from heterosexuality is usually rejected. But who actually decides which role women should play in our society? Who says women can't do certain things at least as well as men? And who decides who is allowed to love whom?

Feminism does not aim to put women above men. But it is exactly the opposite. Men are an integral part of feminism and should be on a par with women. This means that they are allowed to cry, that they do not have to experience any violence, and that they no longer have to feel the pressure to bear all responsibility alone. A change in the male role model would give women space to become more self-determined, to make their own decisions, and no longer to take on the role of the oppressed gender.
Standing up for feminism is important on many levels: for equality, inclusion/integration, and the prevention of right-wing extremism - a core goal of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

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