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Project: Amadeu Antonio Foundation - Anti-racism

What is the project about?


"Why do you actually wear a headscarf?" "You are from Germany, somehow you don't look like that at all… ” “ I have nothing against foreigners, but… ” When you think of racism, you often think of violence and right-wing populist ideologies. But racism often is expressed in small everyday words, thoughts, and deeds. Racism should not have a place in our society and that is exactly what the Amadeu Antonio Foundation advocates.


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Racism - a structural problem

Devaluing people because of their appearance, their name, their culture, origin, or religion is part of human history. Starting with colonization, which divided people into different biological races with alleged "evidence", to the climax of devaluing certain groups of people during the time of National Socialism.
These examples have been behind us for quite a while now. Nevertheless, they have set the foundation for structures that have not yet been overcome. The result is people being classified and valued based on their appearance, culture, or religion. Racism is not just "bullying". It is a structural problem that leads to certain groups of people being discriminated in different ways. Discrimination manifests itself in unequal social and economic living conditions, in the exclusion of people, as well as verbal and physical violence.

Who does racism affect?

In Germany, racism affects everyone who is not considered to belong to the white majority society. If people are judged not according to their individual abilities and characteristics, but as part of a supposedly homogeneous group, then this is racism. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation advocates a society that clearly identifies and combats racism and other forms of group-related enmity. Together with many partners, they fight for equality and a pluralistic community.

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