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Project: Lauralamode x ONE TEAM

What is the project about?


Experiencing team spirit, discovering your own abilities, experiencing equality in traditional societies and simply being allowed to be a child for once: All this can be achieved through sport. However, those who grow up in poverty often have limited access not only to educational opportunities and health care but also to sport. This is where ONE TEAM comes into play! ONE TEAM’s vision is to harness the power of sport. They enable children and young people worldwide to have access to sport and education. For Laura, sport is an integral part of her life. With Lauralamode she inspires thousands of people every day on to do the same and move more often. A life without sport? - she cannot imagine. Therefore, for Laura, it was an absolute matter of the heart to support ONE TEAM in reaching even more people.


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All in for passion

ONE TEAM currently reaches more than 2,000 children and young people worldwide every year, who regularly participate in training sessions, tournaments and workshops. In a protected environment, they can practice their favourite sport while learning important skills for their everyday lives. They are empowered to become agents of social change - and to help shape the development of their societies in the long term. ONE TEAM currently supports eight social sports projects in six countries, such as Beach Volleyball and Life Skills in Honduras. ONE TEAM connects volunteers, companies and sports clubs in Germany with the social sports projects of local partner organizations abroad. Through events, fundraising and public relations in Germany, they thus generate attention and donations for the projects abroad.

"A few years ago I discovered an incredible sympathy for sport - sport inspires me every day anew. So I am very happy to be part of the project "ONE TEAM""

- Laura

Beach Volleyball and Life Skills in Honduras

Roatan is a popular holiday destination, which is why more and more people are moving from the mainland to the island in search of jobs. Tourism and population growth lead to enormous environmental pollution, littered beaches and plastic waste in the waters. The schools are overcrowded and there is a lack of meaningful leisure activities. Crime is widespread. The local Partner "BIBVA" offers children and young people from poorer backgrounds a protected space and teaches them important life skills for their everyday life. In free training units, they experience team spirit and learn to take responsibility for themselves and others. In workshops, the young beach volleyball players learn about health and environmental protection. They regularly undertake rubbish collection campaigns on the beaches or take part in the "Run for a plastic-free Roatan". And they learn important life skills such as discipline or respect so that they can act like strong personalities for the good of their island. In this way, the children and young people take the future of their homeland into their own hands - a real ace for the development of Roatan Island.

More about the project:

"Together with our partners in Germany and worldwide we form a team: ONE TEAM"

How you can support the project

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