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What is the project about?

Approximately 230,000 women are diagnosed with cancer every year in Germany alone. Cancer therapy usually leaves behind serious changes in appearance, among other things. The loss of their hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and skin irritations puts an additional burden on those affected and often deprives them of their joie de vivre and self-esteem. With its "look good feel better" patient program, DKMS LIFE has made it it's business to give back a piece of joie de vivre to those affected by offering free cosmetic seminars and a special hair program.

"Feeling good" strengthens self-esteem, which in turn promotes the healing process and health. In reality, unfortunately, things often look different. The people who need this feeling the most often feel it the least. The idea of DKMS LIFE is simple but effective. They support affected women in therapy with special cosmetic seminars for cancer patients and thus provide comprehensive help. The women learn how to regain more self-confidence through make-up and skincare tailored to their type. "Helping people to help themselves": feel good through looking good.

Patients are encouraged
to look back into the mirror
and to skilfully
"bring colour into their lives".

For girls and women suffering from cancer, cosmetics are much more than just make-up - they help to achieve a positive attitude to life that can support the healing process.

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