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Project: Jamina1404 x Deutsche Meeresstiftung

What is the project about?

The German Marine Foundation promotes dialogue between marine actors from all sectors: industry, politics, science and society to provide a platform for the exchange of information and cooperation for the protection and sustainable development of the oceans. Because together we can give the oceans a much louder voice. The foundation identifies ocean actors and their projects and imparts knowledge on the use and protection of the oceans. The aim is to create a new ocean awareness. In particular, the foundation is committed to anchoring the ocean in all areas of education in order to reach young people in particular.

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Education is particularly close to the heart of the small, mainly voluntary team. During the summer months, the team is therefore usually to be found where others spend their holidays. In Niendorf on the Baltic Sea and on Amrum on the North Sea, bathers can go on a beach discovery tour with marine biologists. In the BeachLab they learn all about mussels, crabs, lugworms, sea lice or jellyfish, and when collecting flotsam and jetsam, a major problem that tourism brings with it becomes obvious: the large amount of rubbish that ends up on the beaches and in the sea. How to avoid this and what one should pay attention to when buying cosmetics for example, is taught in numerous workshops.

In addition, the media and research ship ALDEBARAN is on duty for the German Sea Foundation. In the SailingLab, children and young people learn about the everyday life of a crew on board the bright yellow research sailboat and are shown on cruises how exciting science can be. Anyone who has ever seen under a microscope how much tiny life is contained in a single drop of water and that plankton, which we all know from Spongebob films, really does exist, also understands that our waters are habitats worth protecting and that each and every one of us can make a great contribution.

The German Marine Foundation also offers young scientists a platform to carry out their own research projects on board the ALDEABARAN, which would otherwise usually not be financed at all or only at great expense. The accompanying public relations work also shows how exciting it can be to work in technical and scientific professions.

The foundation also realises large and international projects, such as love your ocean. This is the sustainability initiative of boot Düsseldorf, the world's largest water sports fair. Because: without intact waters, the water sports that bring us all so much pleasure have no future. With VR glasses, visitors can take 360-degree dives into the Baltic Sea or swim in a garbage maelstrom. The foundation's ambassadors, water sports enthusiasts who are among the best in the world, give impressive accounts of their unforgettable encounters in the oceans. Stories of swimming with sharks or saltwater crocodiles, collecting plastic waste with the SUP paddle, or how it feels when you swim with your head first into a plastic bag in the dark, leave nobody cold and encourage people to rethink.

The German Sea Foundation is a non-profit organisation. It finances its projects through grants, donations and the voluntary work of many individual people who are connected to the oceans in many different ways. Learn more about the project here:

How you can support the project

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