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Project: itscaroo x Deutsches Tierschutzbüro e. V.

What is the project about?

The Deutsches Tierschutzbüro e. V. (German Animal Welfare Office) is committed to the freedom of animals and the topic of animal rights in general. It strives for a change towards a society in which respect and mindfulness towards animals are a matter of course and draws attention to these issues with actions and campaigns. And: It provides further important education. Namely, about the areas in which we can achieve the most for animal protection in everyday life. For example: Do not eat animals. Just like Caro from @itscaroo and @foodbyitscaroo, who together with the animal protection office is committed to animal rights.


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With the Twenty4Vegan project, the German Animal Welfare Office encourages and supports people who still eat meat, fish, dairy products and eggs to take the step towards a plant-based lifestyle. Under the motto "Vegan geht immer" (Vegan always works), the website https://twenty4vegan.de bundles important information on the topic, gives tips for beginners and has plenty of recipe ideas and further inspiration ready. The goal: To make it as easy as possible for people to switch to a vegan diet and have a lot of fun doing so - with an open heart for all living things.


"For the life of all animals in freedom!"

Caro from @itscaroo and @foodbyitscaroo has been a vegan for years. Together with the German Animal Welfare Office, she draws attention to how much people who love animals can achieve with a vegan lifestyle. On her food channel she shares valuable experiences around nutrients, vitamins and products. Vegan nutrition is good for health and the environment - but Caro's recipe ideas are always garnished with a huge pinch of animal love.

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