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What is the project about?

Human rights are the moral principles, such as freedom from discrimination, persecution and the right of equality, to which every human being can refer and the observance of which should be demanded. Nevertheless, countless violations of these basic principles still occur every day. The Human Rights Film Festival Berlin presents documentary films and stories about courage, fear, joy and opportunity and offers a platform for unembellished images and critical voices. At the same time, the festival wants to create a space for optimism and hope. In addition to film screenings followed by Q&As, the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin will host panel discussions and workshops on topics such as democracy, law & responsibility, repression, war & exploitation, and sustainability, resource exploitation & environmental protection.

Through film screenings, the HRFFB offers a unique format for networking, workshops and discussions. Fates of distant fellow human beings can be felt very close and a new empathic connection to those affected can be established. The belief in comprehensive human rights and freedoms for all people - regardless of origin, culture, language or religion - is the central focus.

We can work together for
universal human rights.

Why Berlin? - Berlin is the symbol of freedom, a melting pot of cultures and language and culture. As an international landmark for separation and reunification, Berlin manages to reinvent its attitude to life time and again. Whether before or after the fall of communism. The city is therefore rightly regarded as a pulsating center for art, culture, music and film in the heart of Europe. Berlin is the symbol of constant change and the ideal location to immerse yourself for a week in distant worlds and to lay the foundation for a better world through empathy, tolerance and understanding.

Our idea is to inspire and enlighten - to open the eyes of our audience to human rights issues and humanitarian crises.



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