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Create a better message!

Support a cause, spread an important message and express your creativity with your very own T-shirt design for a good cause that matters to you. 

Together with courageous and engaged people, we tell stories.
We can’t wait for yours.


Together with you, our aim is to draw attention to social problems and to inspire as many people as possible to do good. Design your very own shirt for a cause that truly matters to you. If you win, we will find a suitable NGO to backup your project and offer your design as a limited collection on EMERALD BERLIN.



When submitting to EMERALD BERLIN keep in mind that your submission will be evaluated on multiple dimensions, we are really interested in the story behind your design as much as in the design itself. So tell us why you choose the topic and tell us a little more about your thoughts that leaded you through your design.


We think it’s super hard to decide for only one winner. That’s why we will choose 3 designs that will be available in our shop!



  • ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ONLY PLEASE. However, you can submit up to 3 design per person.
  • We accept applications regardless of applicants' age, gender, nationality, etc. Minors are required to obtain the consent of a legal representative to participate.
  • Your Design should be created based on a social topic…one that really matters to you.
  • All submissions, including illustrations and photographs, must be submitted on a product image provided in the Submission Kit. Should you be selected, we will ask for the required format for print. The winning designs will be used to create prints for EMERALD BERLIN Garments.
  • Participants can submit designs that cover the restricted front or back surfaces of an EMERALD BERLIN garment pictures provided in the Submission Kit. However, design positioning may be adjusted by EMERALD BERLIN if necessary.
  • EMERALD BERLIN will not cover the costs of production of the submitted Artworks.
  • Plagiarized submissions, designs that have been developed for other purposes, or designs that have been used in the past by other organizations or companies will be not be accepted.
  • Regardless of whether the designer has obtained licensing rights or not, it is prohibited to use representations which include, evoke, or imitate specific persons or intellectual properties which belong to other third parties, including but not limited to characters, brands, logos, images, illustrations, styles, compositions, and linguistic expressions.
  • ARTWORK SHOULD BE 100% ORIGINAL. (IF YOU DON’T OWN IT, PLEASE DON’T USE IT.) Artwork must be newly developed by the entrants exclusively for this contest and must have not ever been published previously.
  • All licensing rights to all the designs, including copyrights, will be transferred from the entrants to EMERALD BERLIN upon submission.
  • However, all licensing rights to the designs that are not selected as winning submissions shall be transferred back from EMERALD BERLIN to the participants upon announcement of the winners.
  • Winning entrants shall not use the artwork for their own purposes including but not limited to submit the artworks to the other design competition.


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