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Growing Seeds of Africa

What is the project about?

New jobs and improved environmental conditions in Africa and our oceans as a result of plastic recycling.

We have all seen pictures of plastic waste floating in our oceans, but where does this plastic garbage come from? The majority of the plastic in our oceans doesn't get dumped there directly, rivers carry it to the sea. Our approach is, therefore, to get down to the root of the problem and not let the plastic get into the sea.

The raw material lies
basically on the street.
We just have to pick it up.

We see plastic waste as a raw material that can be converted into valuable material. To do so, we purchase used plastics from the population and recycle it into new recyclable material, which can be considered as an alternative to wood. That way we create jobs in a country with 50% unemployment rate, and where jobs are mostly available through relationships. This will particularly help orphans, who have to leave the orphanage after the age of 18, without any relationships or social networks at all. The creation of additional jobs will offer new perspectives and opportunities for their future.
The forest area in Kenya currently makes up only 3% of the country. Due to daily use and the lack of alternatives to raw materials, entire areas are partially cut down. This leads to sinking groundwater and thus to erosion and floods, which not only complicates the food production but also the weather conditions. With our alternative building material, we can ensure less wood is required and that our project will have a positive impact. Plastic4Good, simple as that.

Plastic pollution – A global concern.



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