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About the Donation

With a classic Buy & Donate model you buy something and the company donates a part to a predefined organisation. In most cases, however, this is no longer the case.
We are less interested in the donations we can make from our products than in the information we share. Each of our products is directly related to a social project. The statements are directly connected. We retell stories and are happy if you share them as well. For us, commitment is more than just donations. It is the discovery of something new. It is the real desire for change. And we hope that we can awaken or support it in one or the other.

We collect your donations once a month and send them to the organizations. In our annual report we will take up the heights and hopefully achieve a lot together.

As a trading company, we are not a non-profit organization. Conversely, this also means that we are not allowed to receive donations. So we only pass them on. Up to an amount of 20 Euro this is possible without a donation receipt. Therefore we cannot accept larger amounts.

Sure, I'm sure. Just not right above us. We linked the organizations directly to all project pages. Just follow the link and donate directly to your desired organization.

We always say awareness is the biggest support. Because if you are aware of a topic, you can also change something. Social issues often enjoy a somewhat poor reputation in conversations with friends. We avoid them wherever possible. But why actually? Because they are often difficult and spoil our fun. We can understand that more than well. But try telling the topic in a completely different way and see how people react to it. We and we are sure you will be surprised how positive the feedback on social topics can be and how much fun it is to talk about them. 

Of course it is always essential for the work of the organisations to ask people for money. And who likes to do that? Nobody. That is why it is all the more great if we share this task from time to time.
Meanwhile there are endless possibilities to generate donations and attention.
Donate to Facebook. Instagram donations or your own donation events such as parties, yoga classes or other events for the benefit of an organization of your choice. We are sure you will remember a lot. Often you can ask the organization for materials in advance. They are always happy about photos of your actions. So they are happy to send them unasked. 

Of course it's also great if you can give something yourself. There is no amount that is too small. Every month 5 Euro are 60 Euro per year. If 100 people do that we already have 6.000 Euro. You see, you can really move a lot with it. 

Under "How do I support best" we have already briefly discussed it. We would like to have a look there again. If you have additional exciting ideas we are looking forward to hearing from you. 

No. As a trading company, we are (unfortunately) not allowed to be non-profit-making in Germany. Nevertheless, we have decided to use our economic goals for a change in this world. For this reason, our entire concept is built on solidarity with the themes of the organizations.


When selecting our products and production methods, we take great care to ensure that we use and produce organic and sustainable products as well as to create fair conditions throughout the supply chain. We have significantly higher costs as a result. But it's worth it. 

For more information about this topic just check out our sustainability page. 

Cotton is often grown with the protection of countless pesticides. This is done primarily to protect the crop from pesticides and to prevent crop failure. On the other hand, this keeps the prices for cotton more constant and makes it possible to grow in regions that would otherwise be unsuitable. In order to maintain protection, it is of course difficult to resort to natural resources such as rainwater when it comes to irrigation.

Conventional cotton is very often harvested by children, as their small hands are better able to remove the fibres from the fibre capsule.
The biggest exploitation in the textile industry happens right here. During the extraction of the materials. Many of the pesticides used are highly toxic. In particular children do not tolerate the escaping gases well. Many children die when cotton is harvested. Partly also from exhaustion. Even at a young age, they already spend many hours a day in the fields.

Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown without chemical pesticides. This means it does not pollute the soil as much and the fields can be used for much longer periods. Soil recovery times are not uncommon either. Organic cotton requires significantly less water, as rainwater is also used. However, organic does not mean fair. Part of the organic cotton is also picked by children. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to the addition "fair". Uncertified organic cotton is often impure. In addition, fibres are often used here that manufacturers who want to produce high-quality products from it do not want to buy. The products are therefore not as tear-resistant and also not as soft and pleasant to wear as high-quality organic cotton due to the short fibres that form small irregularities when twisted. 

You see, there's a lot to consider here. Currently, only 1% of the world's cotton production is organic, which accounts for 2% of the area under cultivation. 

For our prints we use a printing ink that is based on water and vinegar and does not contain any chemical ingredients. The ink is Ökotex 100 certified and of course just as beautiful and durable as conventional ink.

Product Information

We understand that all the different product types and sizes might be a bit confusing. Therefore, we added a size guide to each product, which you can look at to find all the measures for the related product. 

However, if you still feel insecure about the size you should order, just send us a message and we are happy to help!

We are going for 100% fair-trade and high-quality, organic materials on all our sustainable collections. 

Our products are produced fairly and ecologically. Products are 100% vegan and they support a social project. 


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