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Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk e.V.

What is the project about?

To enable children from low-income families to start school under the same conditions as other children, the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk (German Children's Fund) distributes school and sports bags every year to indigenous and refugee children.

The chances of a good education highly depend on the family background of a child, often related to the lack of funding. For example, children of high earners are much more likely to attend an academic-focused high school than children from families with lower incomes.

To enforce children´s rights,
The Deutsche Kinderhilfwerk strongly
supports education, schools and vocational training.

However, sound education is particularly important for children coming from disadvantaged families, as a way out of poverty. Every fifth child in Germany has no money for tuition and extracurricular music and sports activities, which are crucial for educational success.

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