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Project: Evgenija.Kasper x Endometriose Vereinigung Deutschland e.V.

What is the project about?


Endometriosis affects about 1 in 10 women and is associated with severe pain. Endometriosis leads to chronic inflammation, adhesions, bleeding in the abdominal cavity and often to an unfulfilled desire to have children. The pain is often perceived as severe period pain. Despite the high prevalence and severe consequences, many have never heard of endometriosis. Together with the German Endometriosis Association and the blogger and designer Evgenija Kasper, we want to change that!

As a blogger and interior designer, Evgenija often deals with the beautiful things in life. But endometriosis is also a part of it. "It took me a few months to accept this. As an endometriosis sufferer, I know all too well the feeling of incomprehensibility in society. That is why I feel the need to make more people aware of this disease and to support women affected by it."


• • •


In Germany, an average of six years elapse before endometriosis is diagnosed. This is also due to the fact that society and even doctors assume that lower abdominal pain is "normal" or part of being a woman. Endometriosis is called the chameleon of gynaecology. In endometriosis, cysts and inflammations (endometriosis lesions) occur, which settle, for example, on the ovaries, intestines or peritoneum. More rarely, endometriosis foci occur outside the abdominal cavity, e.g. in the lungs. Their tissue is similar to that of the lining of the uterus and the foci can grow and bleed with the hormonal cycle. Endometriosis can metastasize and cause permanent damage to organs. Endometriosis affects the hormonal balance and the immune system.

"No one shall believe any more that pain is part of being a woman."

- Evgenija.Kasper

The Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland e.V. /Endometriosis Association Germany) is a self-help organization of and for those affected by endometriosis. The focus of our work is on supporting patients, providing information about endometriosis and strengthening the position of patients. We offer free counselling for all. Every year more than 1,000 people are supported by the mostly voluntary counsellors to find their own way with endometriosis. We listen and take time for your concerns and questions. To educate people about endometriosis, our association publishes its information material, organises events, we are very active in social networks and are constantly considering new actions. And we certify gynaecological practices and clinics together with medical specialists.

In the meantime, more than 1,600 members have organized themselves under our roof. More than 30 self-help groups from all over Germany are supported by the Endometriosis Association.

More about the project:

"As long as we don't talk about menstruation, the silence about endometriosis will last."

How you can support the project

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