We love fashion and we love statements. But most of all, we like them when they are not just visible statements, but behind the message are also a real will to act.

EMERALD BERLIN wants to achieve more than just making fashion statements. We want to combine fashion with a charity idea! Together with recognized charity organizations, we are therefore looking specifically for socially and bipartisan politically active projects from their portfolio to support them. Not only financially, but also by putting the ideas and goals of these projects into a fashionable context in the form of statements and thus carrying them out into the world!

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Endometriosis affects about 1 in 10 women and is associated with severe pain. Endometriosis leads to chronic inflammation, adhesions, bleeding in the abdominal cavity and often to an unfulfilled desire to have children. The pain is often perceived as severe period pain. Despite the high prevalence and severe consequences, many have never heard of endometriosis. Together with the German Endometriosis Association and the blogger and designer Evgenija Kasper, we want to change that!

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