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Benita Quadflieg Foundation

What is the project about?

We protect children with early traumatic experiences and give them a new and loving home in the Kinderhaus Mignon in Hamburg.
An alarming number of children are found with the most severe signs of abuse like violence or neglect and often need protection from their own families. We want to give these severely-traumatized children a safe and loving home and provide them with therapies and positive experiences that help them to stabilize.

In the children's home Mignon of the Benita Quadflieg Foundation in Hamburg, these children are cared for, strengthened and prepared for life. In four housing groups at two locations, up to five children from infant to teenage years live together with a pair of experienced educators and their biological children. Shift service does not exist here. The resident educators are always on hand for these children.

Loving care is not
measurable, but
indispensable for the
development of a child.

Here children often experience safety, loving care and solid structures for the first time in their lives. The aim is to stabilize these children and to strengthen them through positive experiences, so that development is possible again, providing them with a chance to master their own lives later on. By supporting EMERALD BERLIN you are supporting this long journey! 

„Every child has the right to be protected and is entitled to its own development."
Maya Schneider – Head of children's house Mignon



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