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Project: Bohemian_Daydreamer x Hearts4paws

What is the project about?


Street dogs and cats are still omnipresent in Romania. Most of them are sick or injured. In cooperation with the One Rescue Association, for which Hearts4Paws acts as a mediator with the adopters, Hearts4Paws wants to offer as many animals as possible the chance of a new home. Together with cat mom Patty from Bohemian_Daydreamer we would like to support them in reaching even more people and thus give even more animals a loving home."


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Protection of fur noses

At Hearts4Paws everything revolves around the protection of fur noses. Small ones, big ones, with long, short or no hair. Together with Sonja, who founded the organization in 2017, the volunteer members support the organization in helping to bring animals from a private shelter in Cosoba in Romania to Germany. The shelter is run by the veterinarian Dr Adina Vladut from Bucharest under the name "One Rescue Association". Sonja lived and worked in Romania until the end of 2019 and had the opportunity to get to know the animals with all their particularities and stories herself. Since she returned to Germany, she visits the Shelter every month to be as close to the animals as possible.

"Those who teach us the most about humanity are often not human."

- Donald J. Hicks

“Creative mind, terribly clumsy. Plant collecting daydreamer and double cat mommy." That's how Patty from Bohemian Daydreamer describes herself. Patty grew up with animals. For her, it is the most normal thing to give her two furry noses a life full of happiness and joy. Unfortunately, not all animals are this lucky. Therefore, Patty would like to help where so many animals suffer and fight for survival – in the streets of Romania.

Adopt before shop. If you're seriously thinking about living with an animal, have a look at here.

"Animals are as much a part of my life as the daily tomato bread. Animals make us laugh and cry and are always there when we need them."

How you can support the project

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