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Project: Aniahimsa x OroVerde

What is the project about?


The Raja Ampat Archipelago off the coast of West Papua in Indonesia is considered a hotspot of biological diversity and is one of the last largely intact natural areas worldwide. The tropical rainforests of the islands are the habitat of numerous rare animal and plant species, often only found there, such as special orchids or birds of paradise, and therefore must be protected at all costs. With her blog "Aniahimsa", Anina works every day to make the world a bit greener. In doing so, she shows that conscious consumption does not mean giving up, but rather expanding horizons. Even small changes in everyday life can bring a big, positive change. As an influencer of meaning, she wants to use her voice and draw attention to the environmental and rainforest protection of OroVerde. With her collection, she wants to inspire many people to support beautiful birds of paradise, ancient jungle trees and colourful coral reefs."


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Preserving the natural paradise together

Preserving the natural paradise together The island rainforests is a true paradise for tourists. But with the tourists come roads, hotel complexes and settlements for whose construction the rainforest is cut down. The local people would like to protect their homeland, but at the same time, they also want to profit from the economic boom that comes through tourism. This is exactly where we start in our project: On the one hand, we are working on making the entire area a nature park that is protected by law. On the other hand, we are strengthening the sustainable development of local communities by creating alternative sources of income and promoting community-based ecotourism, among other things.

For example, a former bird dealer now works as a bird guide and guides small groups of tourists through areas where special birds breed. This gives the inhabitants a professional perspective and at the same time, they are committed to the preservation of the rainforest - because diversity is what tourists want to see. Environmental education and participatory nature conservation also prevent illegal logging, illegal hunting and animal trade. Because the measures are directly geared to the needs of people, they are particularly successful for people, animals and the forest.

"Whether it's the chocolate spread on bread in the morning, the shampoo in the bathroom or the notepad in the office - many of the products that we consume regularly and normally have a direct influence on the destruction of the rainforest. Therefore we should consume rainforest friendly products"

- Anina

And the work goes on

The first successes of the project on the islands of Waigeo and Misool are already noticeable: illegal bird hunting and illegal logging have already decreased significantly since the project began. As a next step, we will now start our measures in other villages and continue to work on nature conservation planning for the establishment of a national park and biosphere reserve. Because this protection status is necessary for paradise to remain a paradise.

More about the project:

"Love trees and flowers! Do it like the birds!"

How you can support the project

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