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Evgenija.Kasper Why be moody? Fitted Top

Size Guide Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland
    • fair and ecological production
    • 100% vegan
    • supports a social project
    • 100% organic Cotton

    Body fit: Our styles are rather small. If you are between two sizes, we recommend that you use the larger size. For additional information about our sizes, please visit our size guide.

    Do you know those days when you barely get out of bed, you're just not in a good mood and someone asks you why you're so moody and don't just enjoy the beautiful weather, go dancing and just be grateful? Because sometimes it's just not like that! Sometimes it hurts, you´re moody and the last thing you can think of is to dance through life. For endometriosis patients this pain is stronger and more unpredictable than for most other people. And all you wish for is understanding for your own situation. As an affected person Evgenija.Kasper, together with us, designed a beautiful collection for the benefit of the Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland (Endometriosis Association Germany), which allows us to support their work. We are very happy about your support!

Check out the project: Evgenija. Kasper x Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland