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STUDIO O Superpower Unisex Pullover

Size Guide Lambda BB e.V.
    • fair and ecological production*
    • 100% vegan
    • supports a social project
    • 85% organic Cotton / 15% recycled Polyester

    This is a unisex model with a body fit for men. Therefore, we recommend men to pick a larger size if you want a loose fit. For women, we suggest the regular size to get a loose fit. For additional information about our sizes, please visit our size guide.

    The gloss foil of this print shines in all colors depending on your movement. Hard to capture on a photo but amazing in real life!

    *Gloss foil is not ecological

  • What's your superpower? We're sure you have one. We all have one. And it's what makes us who we are. And that's worth standing up for. Always. For a lot of people, that's a difficult step. Because many people are convinced from a very early age that being "different" means being "wrong". Even today, many people are still rejected by their families for allegedly "being different". In the 70s, a new community developed in New York from which BALLROOM and VOGUING emerged. Especially transgender and homosexual people with dark skin, whose lives were permanently threatened on the streets, joined together in so-called houses and formed new self-chosen families. BALLROOM forms the safe space, VOGUING is the form of expression. We are very happy that we are allowed to support this year's Pride VOGUING Ball with the theme Superheroes in favour of Lambda BB e.V. together with STUDIO O. As always, you can find more information on our related project page of Lambda BB e.V. and STUDIO O.

Check out the project: Studio O x Lambda BB

Cotton Pink_Holofolie einfach
Cotton Pink_Holofolie einfach