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January 12, 2020 2 min read

„We love fashion and we love statements - guilty as charged. But you know what really pushes our buttons? Putting our money where our mouth is and backing bold fashion-statements up with a real will to act on real issues, real problems, real projects. That's why we founded EMERALD BERLIN.“ 
Barbara Zeiss Founder & CEO of EMERALD BERLIN


AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING – that’s why EMERALD combines the power and publicity of Berlins glowing fashion culture with ground-breaking charity-projects of at least a dozen different organisations and ngo’s. Because good deeds get done – and we let you know!

Why? Because in order to make a change, we need to spread the word. What all the selected projects need first and foremost, is people to notice. Fighting for a good cause like saving a forest, protecting an endangered species or providing clean water and education for developing countries needs those who fight the fight – and those who tell the story. For people to get involved they need to be aware and care. EMERALD BERLIN is providing the means to that. But who tells the story? That‘s you!

How so? Well, not only is EMERALD BERLIN as a dedicated social start-up wholeheartedly supporting a number of wonderful social, environmental and educational projects but all of these projects are being presented through a unique clothing line – turning the fantastic efforts of countless aid-workers and volunteers into banging statement-fashion that hits the streets, hearts and minds point-blank. That way EMERALD BERLIN spreads AWARENESS, tells true stories of real people making a change, makes people get interested, educated, involved – and motivates others to do the same.

Imagine a virus – but instead of spreading disease within an organism the virus is spreading knowledge and compassion through society. Fashion is the carrier, urban culture the medium while YOU (Yes, you!) are being the power source of this title-wave for good. Why? Because it is you who decides which project you’d like to support, talk about, get involved in or recommend to friends. Long story short: It is you who supports those people that make the world a better place – one project at a time. How does that sound?

On top of all of that EMERALD BERLIN is not only talking the talk but walking the walk too. Sustainability is our number one priority – not only in theory but as a matter of fact, on all levels, anytime. That's why each clothing line is made from sustainable, ecological and fairly-traded resources. That's our promise. From our cotton, right down to the ink we use for our prints. Any questions? Get in contact via e-mail info@emerald-berlin.com or check our Instagram and Facebook! 


The author of this blog-article is Marc Dassen. You want to leave him a comment or ask a question? Send him an e-mail via marc@emerald-berlin.com.om.

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