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September 20, 2019 2 min read

In my life I have learned that renunciation is something that doesn’t suit me very well. I consciously start to do without something and after a short time I am back in my old behaviour pattern. I often mourn the time when I was so „brave“ to endure the renunciation. But I rarely make it back.

That’s why I need another way to change my behavior patterns.

I usually buy most of my clothes from the most popular fashion houses. They are fast, fashionable and attractively priced. That is exactly what today’s urge for quick consumption demands. Lately, however, I have become more and more aware that this is less and less appealing to me. Not Fashion itself. I still love Fashion. But how I want to consume them occupies me more. So I’ve decided not to just fill my wardrobe any more, but to be able to tell a story to every piece.

In the world of diets, this would probably be described as a permanent change of habbits.  You can read again and again that this is the only way to the alleged desired figure. So why not try it for cloth as well?

I like to start challenges always at the status quo. So with my current wardrobe.

You can imagine my wardrobe as a big colourful pile of patterned dresses, skirts, sweaters and shirts. In addition there are shoes, handbags and jewellery for at least 10 persons. It is therefore impossible to have a real overview or to wear all pieces at regularly.

So I started to divide my stuff into two parts and form two piles. Story and No-Story.

So on my Storyside soon lay all the beautiful pieces that I regularly wear or have bought on journeys and for certain events. So the pieces that remind me of beautiful moments and evoke these thoughts again and again. On the other side, however, there were almost exclusively things that I had not worn for years or that I (never) liked that much.

Afterwards I thought about what I could do best with the sorted parts and decided to give them away on and to make other people happy with them.

But sorting stuff out was never my biggest problem. So the real challenge only begins in regulating my consumption.

So I have set myself 3 easy rules for this.

  1. Asking myself every time I want to buy something: 
    Do I really need this?
  2. If I see something that I could still buy the next day, I try to rethink the purchase if possible. – Often they are just impulses.
  3. If I am looking for something specific, I start looking through sustainable labels and only then fall back on others. – Usually you get not only the most beautiful pieces but also the more special ones.

I admit there is still a long way to go to a 100% sustainable wardrobe. And I probably never will. But the important thing is not that you do something perfect, but that you start somewhere and walk towards your goal in small steps. If necessary, in the same pair of shoes more often.

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