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February 09, 2020 4 min read


"I believe that happy girls are the most beautiful ones."

Audrey Hepburn

Well, another bad-hair-day for you today? After a weekend of partying you woke up with a nice pimple on your forehead? And what the scale in your bathroom tells you won't align nicely with those new year resolutions you told everyone about? Don't worry about it tho, it's inner values that count anyway - or is it?

In todays Blog-article we are dealing with the most sharp of all the two-edged swords: beauty. But what exactly is this? Who defines it? And why are the optics of such importance? In the world of looks and appearances it's not all gold that glitters. Between assertions like "If you want to be beautiful you have to suffer", "beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" and "true beauty comes from within" are obviously huge gaps.

How seriously important looks are to german women was figured out by a study called "changing faces of beauty" in 2016. A majority of 42% of a total of 7.700 women stated that outer beauty is more important to them than inner values. Pretty superficial? Or rather not so pretty honesty? It's maybe both since in matters of beauty we are often torn in half. Good looks? Yes, please! Getting reduced to these? No, thanks!

Judging this attitude morally can't really be done. Us humans are visual creatures at the end of the day. Superficiality is part of our evolutionary programming - whether we like it or not. 100 milliseconds - that's how long it takes four us to save a first impression of someone. Whether he or she is attractive or agreeable to you is decided by your senses in a split-second. And you know how they say: there is no second chance for the first impression....

One thing is for sure: those who feel beautiful walk the streets with more self-confidence. And let's be honest, who isn't craving for a self-esteem-boost from time to time? Good looks are something of a universal business card and tell people a lot about your way of life. Nobody wants to be all too superficial but on the job-interview, on the first date with your crush or at the wedding of your best friend one can't help but think that looking good is first priority.

The Beauty-Stress-Factor

How subjective the appreciation of ones own beauty sometimes is and how destructive it can be to your self-esteem having an all too critical attitude towards yourself was made clear by a study from 2010 done by the cosmetics-company Dove. One of the findings was that only 4% of women between the age of 18 and 64 were ready to call themselves "beautiful". In an earlier study from 2004 only 2% thought of themselves as good looking. That's kind of depressing, isn't it?

 One is invited to speculate whether beauty ideals on Instagram and in fashion-catalogues have done their part here. 72% of women in the survey constantly feel a great pressure to look good. No need to add: the more stress the more wrinkles. 

 One of the more interesting findings of the study: most of the women are being themselves their greatest critics. Around 54% agree that they judge themselves the hardest in terms of beauty. With other females they are much more generous. 80% think for example that each woman has subjective beauty. The term "beauty" remains vague. Those who like to define it must also take into account aspects like health, charisma and a joyful attitude towards life. How does anybody want to express those facetts statistically?

Ready for whatever

No doubt the issue of beauty is some serious business for many. Not only are the numbers of people with plastic surgery or a fitness-club membership increasing (in Germany gym-membership exploded from 4 to 11 mio. between 2003 and 2018) but also peoples expenses for cosmetics are growing. A study down by the womans magazine Brigitte among 28.000 women found in 2002 that almost a quarter of them were thinking about some form of cosmetic surgery. Way over 80% agreed that "beautiful people get more chances in life". Even if one would wish otherwise who would negate these findings? 

The link between beauty and self-esteem did also clearly come into focus with this survey. Over 90% of Women stated that they make themselves pretty to feel more secure and better about themselves. A totally relatable thing: as social creatures we are object to the critical gazes of others all the time. That you'd like to present yourself as nicely as possible who wants to judge that?

Stay confident!

Timetravel: In 1978 the german magazine Brigitte already did a similar survey. The biggest difference compared to today? 40 years ago 14% of women stated that they were fixing themselves up for other people like their husbands or colleagues. Today this number is down to 3%. Societal conventions changed a fair bit. In 2001 when the survey was done 94% of study-participants said that they want to look pretty to feel good about themselves. In 1978 this was the case only for 79% of women. So self-esteem has somewhat increased one could say. Beauty and well-being are more and more becoming an individual thing - that's good news!

As a sustainable fashion-brand EMERALD BERLIN wants nothing more than you to feel good - about our cloth and collections, with the projects we support but most of all within your own skin. Our cooperation with DKMS Life serves one main purpose: give back beauty and self-confidence to girls and women that live through hardship. Nation-wide the organisation DKMS life has started a program called look good feel better which gives seminars and good advice concerning issues like cosmetics, skin care and much more to help cancer patients live a full and beautiful life. The EMERALD BERLIN x DKMS Life Kollektion you find in our shop, and as always: thank you so much for your support!


The author of this blog-article is Marc Dassen. You want to leave him a comment or ask a question? Send him an e-mail via

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