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September 20, 2019 3 min read

Have you always wondered what it feels like to work for an NGO or even to found one yourself?

A few months ago, when I was looking for exciting projects for Emerald, my coaching group from Project Together drew my attention to Fabien. Fabien told us in a short video what he has already achieved with his organization Nepals e.V. and what he is striving for in the next months and years. And I was directly thrilled.

What inspired me the most? Fabien himself is still studying and at his young age (I think it´s ok to say it like this in this case) has already started several initiatives to improve the lives of other people. You already know one of these initiatives. It is the water project of Nepals e.V. which provides clean drinking water in a village in Nepal.

But where comes the idea and the power of action for such a project come from?

Fabien visited Nepal for the first time in 2015 where he was a witness of the heavy and strong earthquakes, which are with almost 9,000 deaths, are considered the deadliest event in Nepalese history.

Large parts of the country were severely damaged at the time. 600,000 houses collapsed and many people lost everything they had. 

"My first stay in Nepal opened my eyes and I am deeply grateful to every person I was able to meet. In the beginning I mainly wanted to transform my gratitude into deeds, today I want to do my part for a fairer world on the one hand, on the other hand I want to learn from my experiences in order to create even bigger things in the future. A Nepalese once told me: „In peace and in fact itself lies the power of man“. Yes, another kitschy sentence, but it has accompanied me since the earthquake of 2015 and I try to live up to it."  Fabien Nepals e.V.

In order to be able to help even more people directly, Fabien decided not to join one of the large aid organizations, but founded his own organization.

But what do you need to found a registered association?

First and foremost a statute. In this statute it is recorded for what reason the association is brought into being.  If you would like to know more about this, I can recommend this guide to founding an association (German/Germany).

Additionally, you need a minimum of 7 members for the foundation of a registered association. So it was obvious that Fabien would also involve his friends and fellow students in his project. Meanwhile, the association acts completely honorary from two places from Friedrichshafen and Frankfurt/Main.

"What has always inspired me about Nepals e.V. is the courage, passion and perseverance with which all pals work to improve Nepalese living standards. What particularly motivates me is that no matter what problem we try to solve, you always get something back – either from the local people, from other team members and partners or by learning something.

Our work is not always easy. There are many hurdles that make other organizations shy away from working together with the Nepalese in remote villages – poor infrastructure, cultural and linguistic barriers, etc. – and we are not always able to work with them. I myself have often had doubts. However, by having the courage to try the seemingly impossible and show that our collaborative approaches bear long-term fruit, others will follow our example." – Samuel, member of the association Nepals e.V.

If you want to learn more about the water project or the other wonderful projects of Nepals e.V. just have a look at our projects or go to

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