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September 20, 2019 3 min read

Today we have a completely different article for you. I’ll tell you the recipe of my absolute favorite bread. Bread? – Yes, bread. Beetroot walnut bread. Thank me later for that. It’s really delicious.

The bread has almost become a classic among my friends and is especially delicious with pistachio pesto (I recommend to never ever check the calories), oil and salt or tomato butter (of course also vegan tomato butter). Also, my nieces think it’s great and call it simply "pink bread“, which is, in any case, a very good description.

What do you need? Actually not much.

According to the recipe:

  1. 4 tubers beetroot (fresh or cooked)
  2. 500 gr spelt flour
  3. 220 ml water
  4. 1Pkg dry yeast
  5. 2 tsp olive oil
  6. 2 teaspoons salt
  7. 50 gr walnut kernels

I admit that I always vary the recipe a little and find it especially good with more beetroot, no sugar, no oil and a lot more walnut kernels. But maybe it’s quite good to stick to the recipe the first time.

I also often use the cooked version, as there is usually no fresh beetroot in my supermarket. The advantage of this is that you can use the juice very well as a water additive and so your bread becomes even more colorful. The disadvantage is of course the packaging. You also have to let it bake a little longer and minimize the water a bit, as the beetroot is already very juicy.

If you are right, you can see from the consistency of the dough.Too sticky? Just give in some flour. Too dry – water.

But one step back. To the beginning. I’ll write you down step by step how I approach the whole thing. To all experienced bakers – please don’t roll your eyes.

    1. Put the flour in the bowl.
    2. Add fruit juice.
    3. Cut the beetroot into quarters and put into the blender.
      Important: It should be pieces. No porridge
    4. Yeast – Actually you dissolve yeast with sugar and tepid water. I did that in the beginning and at some point, I decided not to do it anymore. And you know what? It works anyway.
    5. Mix everything with liquid and then knead well with your hands. I always try to add air and work it into the dough. Then „fine-tune“ the dough as needed with more flour or more water. You should be able to form a ball that you can pick up.
    6. Add salt
    7. Crush the walnuts and knead them into the dough. Be careful, the nuts sometimes hurt a bit when you come to a sharp corner.
    8. I always preheat the oven to 150 degrees while I make the dough. Actually, you should let the dough rise twice. Before and after putting in the nuts. But I don’t do that anymore and I have the feeling that my bread has never been so good.
    9. Take out the springform pan. Now you can either bake the bread directly in inside or, like me, put a baking paper in between. I think this has the advantage that you can wrap it in it again and again afterward. The other version, however, is the much more sustainable one.
    10. Put the bread dough in the middle of the mould.
      Some people now give some water on the dough to get a better crust. I don’t do that either and always have a super crust.
    11. I leave the bread in the oven for a while (about 45 minutes) at 150 degrees. You will notice that it rises and slowly forms a crust. If I have the feeling that the bread is quite baked now, I turn the temperature upwards (220 degrees). From now on, watch out! I have a look at the bread every 5-10 minutes to get the perfect shade of brown. Sometimes it’s not that easy, because the beetroot is already coloring the bread
    12.  Congratulations. Your bread is ready. Take it out of the oven.

      As long as the bread is still hot, it is still a little sticky. The consistency will be much firmer if you let it cool down a bit. But I often lack the patience for this and my first piece is often still steaming. I am pretty sure that you will be just as enthusiastic as we are. Happy baking. 

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