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June 03, 2020 6 min read

She loves Nature, old music, poetry, animals and more than anything she loves Betty and Nala, her cats. Together with EMERALD BERLIN the blogger and Instagram-Icon Patty aka @bohemian_daydreamer designed a fashion-collection supporting the Hearts4Paws association. The organisation helps abandoned animals on the streets of Romania to find a new home in Germany. A conversation about the everyday-life of a cat-mom, about animal-rescue and the special bond between her and her furry friends.


Looking at your Instagram-channel adjectives like playful, down to earth, close to nature, dreamy and sensual-feminine immediately come to mind. How did you discover your very own style and how would you want to characterize it?

Close to nature, dreamy, down to earth, so many beautiful qualities, Thank you. It is always interesting to read which words people come up with to describe me. I regularly catch myself searching for the right words when someone asks me how to describe myself.

My personal advice for everyone who wants to find his own style: just try things out, choose the hard way and gather your own experiences, try to be inspired by everything that crosses your way and turn it into something unique. It took some time for my own style to develop and it combines a lot of things. I’m a dreamer, a child of nature, I love old music and antique things in general, warm colours, plants, naturalness, poetry. A colourful mix and still very natural, just like me.


“When you inspire people so they can for a moment forget their everyday-struggles, that’s magical.”


You Insta-channel came into existence in 2014 – what was your initial inspiration and what do you think your followers love most about you?

My first traces in the digital world I left behind much earlier. In 2009 I started blogging. Photography was already one of my favourite hobbies back then, but I thought it was a shame that my pictures were just collecting dust on the hard drive. It was pure coincidence that I stumbled upon a couple of blogs and decided to just try it myself. What this led to we see today. I built my own little digital world into which some people like to immerse themselves. One of the best comments I received lately stated: “It’s like entering a different world.” I think this is one of the most beautiful compliments I’ve ever gotten. When you inspire people, letting them forget their surroundings, their everyday-struggles, just by looking at your photos. That is….magical. And it makes me unbelievably happy. It might be just this dreamy, playful character of my content, or the combination of some of these elements, which is what my Insta-folks probably loves the most.


“How important it was for me to live together with animals I realized only when I started missing them.”


Do you have something like a very personal animal-story which has shaped you and your love for animals in a significant way?

Oh, yes. There would be a lot of stories to tell. More than anything I was shaped by the fact that I grew up with animals. They were a vital part of my life since I was a kid. When I was still a little whirlwind my family owned a farm with cows, pigs and a few rabbits. Later we also owned horses. How important it was for me to live together with animals I realized only when I started missing them. Dogs, cats, rabbits, it doesn’t matter, all of them weren’t just friends for life but they made me so happy, always made me laugh and they shared their love when you needed it the most. A life without them I can’t even imagine anymore.


“The best thing about being a cat-mom is simply the everyday-life.”


First you only had one cat, then a second came along. Why did you decide to get another one and what is so special in your experience about being a cat-mom?

Cats are not loners as many people believe. My professional as well as my living situation was sort of unstable for a number of years which led me to decide consciously against a second cat. At the time I did not want the old bunny and the newcomer to be stressed out. In hindsight I should have taken the risk. I still live in the same spot just my professional life has changed a bit. The best thing about being a cat-mom is simply the everyday-life. To observe how the two of them are fighting, playing together, checking in on each other. Knowing that there are always two little rascals that make me laugh and upset me. That’s life.  


Both of your cats regularly get to play a part in your Instagram-feed. What fascinates you the most about them and what makes your relationship with them so special?

Cats love to cuddle but at the same time they can be the moodiest creatures on this planet. That’s what I love about them. They only do what they feel like and you can’t tell them nothing. They are what they are. And I’d like them to enjoy themselves. I might rant a little when they’ve once again played in the potting soil of my plants though.


My little three-leg Nala I adopted from an animal shelter in 2019. With her it was – just like with Betty – love at first sight.”


The project of the association Hearts4Paws e.V. you supported with a number of gorgeous designs for our EMERALD BERLIN statement-collection. Why did you decide to get involved with this project in particular?

The work that Sonja and her hard-working supporters are doing is remarkable. When you have such a big heart for animals you deserve support. Unfortunately the situation for animals in Romania is not nearly as good as in Germany. Stray animals are being killed while animals in german shelters are basically enjoying luxurious conditions. I’d like to help Hearts4Paws as much as I can with my collection and educate people following me on the issue at hand. Now more then ever, in times of Corona, such important non-profit organizations need all the help they can get.


Do you have an adopted animal yourself and if yes or no – why?

My little three-leg Nala I adopted from an animal shelter in 2019. With her it was – just like with Betty – love at first sight. Betty I found pretty much by accident on Ebay. The owner had to give her away for personal reasons and even though it might sound a little strange I am so incredibly thankful for that. Betty came to me at a time when I was not feeling well. We have a very special bond and we simply can’t live without each other.


“No animal should suffer because of us.”


Would you adopt an animal which you can’t get to know beforehand?

Yes, always. Getting to know each other might become a small or even a bigger adventure but the solution to that is simple: patience. A new place, unknown smells and foreign people – that’s a stressful situation for every animal.

If there is already another cat or dog at home waiting for his new playmate I’d recommend to see if the characters of them fit together. The difference in age shouldn’t be to great as well. Younger animals are naturally more playful, older ones rather calm and more comfortable.


If you had one wish to make the situation of animals in this world a little better, what would that be?

Maybe one key moment would suffice to not only make the lifes of animals better but also the situation on earth as a whole. One thing is for sure: Animals are living creatures. Period. All of us should remind ourselves more often of that fact. No living being should suffer because of us. The reality is that they do suffer mostly because of us. And we can change that any time we want.

Patty, thank you so much for this interview and for everything you do!


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