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May 27, 2020 4 min read

She’s a power-woman that takes your breath away and she motivates her 45k Instagram-Followers every day with sensual aesthetics and her radiant charm. Fitness, fashion, travel, lifestyle and her passionate engagement for good causes are what define her. EMERALD BERLIN is so very happy that we were able to win Lauralamode for this cooperation. What it is all about and what you need to know about Lauralamode you find out in this interview…


Dear Laura, “Body Love. Curves. Positivity” – that’s written on your Instagram-profile description. Tell us: what do these things mean to you and how do they influence your work as a blogger?

In my past I struggled a lot with my body and with those “ideals” of what a female body would have to look like. Those so-called “ideals” are still shown to us way too often in magazines and on social media. I always found something about my body to be unhappy about and I was never really contend until I figured out that a healthy self-esteem has a lot to do with your mindset. When you are at peace with your inner self, you feel much better in your body immediately.

I’d lie to show on my channel and with my content that there is no such thing as an “ideal body” for a woman – everyone can and should feel good and beautiful in his or her own skin, doesn’t matter if you are skinny or curvy, tall or small!


Fashion, Lifestyle, beauty, fitness – with your personal blog you show your very individual passions and talents. But you do so much more. Readers on your blog get great, positive motivations and tipps to make their life more enjoyable. Recently you shared your ideas for more productivity in the home-office. What is it that inspires your work the most?

Home-office has been a part of my daily life for years – and while others have great trouble coming to terms with working from home, to me it is pretty normal by now and it really works out fine. Clearly separating private life from work can be difficult, but that’s no problem for me.

“Do what you love and you will never again have to work”. That’s exactly my mindset and my advice to everyone out there who feels burned out and doesn’t find joy in his work. I love my work and it is always connected to fun and joy – is there anything better than having reached your own goals after a day of “work”? 

Of course I love inspiring my community but I also love to be inspired by them. I find it very motivating when my followers write to me that they enjoy my content, tried my workouts, used my recipes and let themselves be inspired by my daily looks.


Sport can be an incredibly powerful force in life – you show this fact time and again with your content. On your blog you write that your way of balancing your everyday life has been doing sports for years. How did you come to do fitness? Has there been a key moment for you? And how do you manage to stay motivated?

As a matter of fact I have come to do sports not that long ago. During my childhood and youth sport was literally murder to me. I have never been member of a sports club, hated sports lessons at school and I rather played with my dolls then play soccer or do ballet.

The key moment for me came when during my final exams at school and also due to personal reasons I was under a lot of stress. I never really had an appetite, always had trouble with my stomach and lost a lot of weight. At some point I went to become a member at a gym together with my best friend and suddenly I realized how good this felt not only for my body but also for my psyche.

Today sport is the best way to keep my body healthy and fit, to clear my head and be more aware in daily life. I need sports just as I need a healthy and balanced nutrition, enough sleep and relaxation each day to really feel well and stay vital.


Sport has become a very important part of your life, Now you have found a very special and interesting partner for social-media cooperation who organises sports-projects in developing countries: ONE TEAM. What is it you love most about this cooperation?

In general I really enjoy it when I can use my reach on social-media for charity projects. The  organisation ONE TEAM and my project-partner “Bay Islands Beach Volleyball Association” have their focus on sportive activities and commit themselves to sharing positive values. Since I think that kids should be taught early on about a healthy and active life I was immediately thrilled by this program.

I love to be able to do my part in order to help kids from less fortunate backgrounds and social circumstances get the chance to do sports and experience the positive aspects of team sports. Sport is not only positive for our own health and for a fit body but also super important for the social development, for team-spirit and life skills like respect and discipline.


Together with us from EMERALD BERLIN you designed a statement-fashion-collection which aims at supporting ONE TEAM and making the organisation even more popular. What was most important to you during that process?


On the one hand it was important that the collections design connects to the project it is supporting but also that some of the items are featuring my very own “handwriting”. I always wanted to design a fashion-collection (childhood-dream!) and therefore I am so incredibly happy to be able to make this dream come true with you.

At the same time issues like sustainability and fair production should nowadays not be overlooked. At EMERALD BERLIN these important factors are always first priority!

I also think that you can see the passion that went into the design for the collections just as you can see the fine material quality that was used. Each of my individual ideas was realized immediately and so we were able to create a beautiful collection we can really be proud of!


Dear Laura, you are so right! Thank you so much for everything you have done and keep up the good work!


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