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August 19, 2020 2 min read

Dear Caro, You were on a vegetarian diet for a while before you went vegan. Tell me how that happened.

Actually, I've been on a vegetarian diet since I was 9 years old. I have always loved animals and we always had guinea pigs and hamsters as well as a dog. Back then I saw a documentary about a pig being slaughtered. Then I realized that my beloved animals have to die so that we can eat them. I couldn't do that anymore from that point on, so from one day to the next I decided to go vegetarian. I've been a vegan for 5 years now.


What happened after you went vegan?

I definitely looked more into the topic of nutrition in general and looked at how I could cover all the important vitamins with a vegan diet, what is good for my body and what is not. Since I switched to vegan, I definitely feel fitter, sleep better, have more energy and feel more comfortable in my body.


For many people animal welfare is one of the most important reasons why they become vegetarian or vegan. What role do animals play in your life? Do you have pets yourself?

I love animals! I do not know it differently because I grew up with a dog as a pet. Besides that, as a child I was often on farms and equestrian farms, and in my free time I did horseback riding as well. As a child we were allowed to keep guinea pigs and hamsters at home. When our first dog died, it was so sad and empty for us that we didn't even last a month without one and looked for a new one. When I have my own family later, I would like to make pets possible for my children.


Some people have a real Vegan Bullshit Bingo on it: "Just try it, there is only one egg in it, I won't tell anyone", "I cooked especially for you", "That can't be healthy" ... They usually mean well, but how do you deal with such people?

I won't even respond to comments like that. My dad makes jokes about it sometimes, but I don't take that to heart! Everyone should decide for themselves what's good for them and what diet suits them. I also don't want to become a vegan missionary! But everyone should accept my attitude, I do the same with my counterpart.


What do you recommend to people who are now thinking about becoming vegan? What is the first step?

Not everything has to happen from now on. Some people can do it, but step by step is better for many, and so it is also easier to get used to the change. See what you like and which products you can replace and how. Be creative in the kitchen or be inspired by others on Instagram! I started back then by watching YouTube videos, that helped me a lot.

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